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Phonerator logophonerator

A search engine and phone number generator that will help you generate lists of only valid phone numbers based on partial digits.

email2phonenumber logoemail2phonenumber

An OSINT tool to obtain a target’s phone number just by having his email address.

Google Meet Roulette logoGoogleMeetRoulette

Bruteforce your way into random Google Meet meetings.

voicemailcracker logovoicemailcracker

A tool that allows you to bruteforce voicemail systems fast, cheap, easy, efficiently and undetected.

Ransombile logoransombile

Ransombile is a tool that can be used in different scenarios to compromise someone’s digital life when having physical access to a locked mobile device.

Breaking LastPass vaults logolastpass_creds

A Metasploit post-exploitation module that allows you to extract and decrypt LastPass master login accounts and passwords.