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Me at age 8I am a Red Teamer and researcher with a background in Product Security and Software Engineering. Previously, I focused on Mobile security, Identity and Authentication, code reviews, pentesting and in general keeping “the cloud” secure. I also educated developers on security essentials and best

Currently, I have shifted to pure offensive security work, putting on the black hat to emulate the techniques and procedures of the bad guys to help catch them.

I am also the Founder of Triskel Security, a budding security consultant company offering information security solutions.

I am mostly interested in offensive security. I prefer to attack than to defend, breaking to protecting and the main purpose of the things I build is to compromise others. I have presented several topics including accounts takeover by voicemail cracking, breaking password managers, OSINT, exploiting Apple’s Facetime to create a spy program and mobile app development best practices. These were given at conferences such as DEF CON, Blackhat EU, Ekoparty, BSides Las Vegas, Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit and Shakacon.

Outside the office, I enjoy traveling, research, bug bounties, gin tonics and scuba diving.