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Announcing new reward amounts for abuse risk researchers

Google Security Blog

Phone Numbers Exposed By Inconsistent Password Reset Processes


Hackers can seize practically all your online accounts, and it’s your voicemail’s fault


Hackers accessing PayPal via voicemail? Security expert says it’s possible

The Guardian

Apple FaceTime Flaw Lets Snoops Listen to Your Calls


Apple kills eavesdrop bug in FaceTime

The Register

Apple squashes FaceTime bug that facilitated eavesdropping on calls

Apple insider

Venmo Wallet Can Be Drained by SMS Use

IBM Security Intelligence

Thanks to Siri, hackers could have drained your Venmo account in minutes

The Next Web

Security Flaws in LastPass Exposed User Passwords

Security Week

Researchers Crack LastPass Password Manager

Tom’s guide

Flaws In Password Manager LastPass Expose Users’ Passwords